Friday, April 16, 2010

My Taec is versatile! I noe,,,i noe....

Taecyeon's 3 color charms; singer, actor, entertainer and his flawless transformation

Taecyoen’ successful acting debut has opened the door to the peak of his generation.

He passed his acting test swiftly through KBS Cinderella sister and he was able to naturally speak Saturi as a marine who had his bag slung over the shoulder, looking for Eunjo in 'Daesung Chamdoga', the place she has lived. His acting debut drew a lot of attention from viewers.

Before the drama aired, People had been concerned about his acting skill since he came from an idol band. However, the general public gave positives review, showing his potential as an actor.

Viewer’s rating showed ‘Teacyoen Effect’. The 5th episode gained a 19.1 % (According to AGB Media Research) which is the highest record till now and the 6th episode had a 18.2% rating. Consequently, the drama is still on the top among dramas that are airing.

Taecyeon has demonstrated his charm as opposed to charismatic one on stages; a pure man who has his eyes on only one woman.

Although his main job is a singer but his activities as an entertainer is also eye-catching.

2PM is going to release the new single on this April, 19. Last year, 1.59 PM was launched which has “heartbeat’ as title song, exposing extraordinary charm. Fans are eager to know what Taecyeon has in his pocket for them.

The Concept of the album is not yet revealed so we cannot predict anything. However, people around Taecyeon guess that he will show as much charm as he showed during ‘Heartbeat’ Era.

He along with his fellow idol, Jokwon and Yoona demonstrated entertaining skill on Family Outing 2. Especially, on March 21, He gave everybody a great laugh on Miss Plum Blossom Episode by imitating sexy star Park Ji Yoon ‘s Adult Ceremony.

It is observable that how he, who has conquered many fields such as actor, singer and entertainer, will build his own world and which direction he is going to continue his activities.

Source:Asiae | Kor-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.

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