Friday, April 16, 2010

My Taec is versatile! I noe,,,i noe....

Taecyeon's 3 color charms; singer, actor, entertainer and his flawless transformation

Taecyoen’ successful acting debut has opened the door to the peak of his generation.

He passed his acting test swiftly through KBS Cinderella sister and he was able to naturally speak Saturi as a marine who had his bag slung over the shoulder, looking for Eunjo in 'Daesung Chamdoga', the place she has lived. His acting debut drew a lot of attention from viewers.

Before the drama aired, People had been concerned about his acting skill since he came from an idol band. However, the general public gave positives review, showing his potential as an actor.

Viewer’s rating showed ‘Teacyoen Effect’. The 5th episode gained a 19.1 % (According to AGB Media Research) which is the highest record till now and the 6th episode had a 18.2% rating. Consequently, the drama is still on the top among dramas that are airing.

Taecyeon has demonstrated his charm as opposed to charismatic one on stages; a pure man who has his eyes on only one woman.

Although his main job is a singer but his activities as an entertainer is also eye-catching.

2PM is going to release the new single on this April, 19. Last year, 1.59 PM was launched which has “heartbeat’ as title song, exposing extraordinary charm. Fans are eager to know what Taecyeon has in his pocket for them.

The Concept of the album is not yet revealed so we cannot predict anything. However, people around Taecyeon guess that he will show as much charm as he showed during ‘Heartbeat’ Era.

He along with his fellow idol, Jokwon and Yoona demonstrated entertaining skill on Family Outing 2. Especially, on March 21, He gave everybody a great laugh on Miss Plum Blossom Episode by imitating sexy star Park Ji Yoon ‘s Adult Ceremony.

It is observable that how he, who has conquered many fields such as actor, singer and entertainer, will build his own world and which direction he is going to continue his activities.

Source:Asiae | Kor-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.

P/s:- i wanted to post bout my practical bout i'm not in mood to talk bout it, even thinking of it makes me sick!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yeah,u read it right~
LAP @ Law Attachment Programme
or in laymen term, a practical for every law student...

Well,wat freaks me out today is becoz...
I'm going to start it tomorrow!
I've never felt so nervous or afraid or i dunno wat the feeling i have rite now,,,
It's so terrifying coz i'm going to enter into new world tomorrow =='

I envy my bestie who has already went to her "new office"
She said that the staffs there were frenly
Owhhh i'm jelez with her coz she edi knew that she will get her allowance paid in cash every month!
I dunno wat awaits for me tomorrow...
What shall i do every single day?
Going to court? Doing every task from being a tea lady,office girl to a lawyer?
Owh, dat makes me nervous coz i dunno wat i will be doing there...
What r they expecting from me....
This is so nerve-breaking....

I even spent a lot of money to buy an expensive handbag~
2 long sleeves shirts dat my mum "tempah" 4 me...

Wuarghhhh pls help me!
I need to get through this with braveness & confidence!
Pls pray together with me!

¡ǝɯ ʎɹɹɐɯ sןd ¡ɔǝɐʇ'n ǝʌoן ı

This was taken during joint fanmeeting of 2PM & KARA.

Actually,there are a few of Taec's pics hugging fangirls~
& i'm so freaking jealous!
That's y i wanna marry dis freaking hottie guy!
So that i can keep a peace of my mind~~~ ^0^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Anniversary with 2PM & Taec!

End of this month, it'll be my 1st anniversary being 2PM fan & Taecyeon's lover! XD
Neomu haengbok kae! (Pardon 4 my roman hangul)

2PM is a daebak!
I started to love k-pop afta i knew bout DBSK!
I started to bcome obsessed with k-pop afta i listened to AAA by 2PM!
These 2 groups r definitely different & addictive in their own categories!
I'm not going to talk much bout DBSK since this post is bout my anniversary being 2PM's fan!

Time does flies quickly huh?
Without noticing it, a year has already passed since AAA was promoted...
It was last year, at the end of April
when i was on my holiday for about 3 months...
It's all Thanx to my k-poppie frens ~ Sherer,munie,farra,mas,wawa,ducky n a lot more!~

Well, in a year a lot of things happened to 2PM...
Since they r a very talented grup, popularity is rising well with them but things aren't alwys on the bright side.... i think all of these happened bcoz they r at the peak of being top grup idol!
I don't blame any1 4 the disasters happened to them since that what made 2PM stronger!

Anyway, ignore the antis or "so-called-fans" coz i know true fans out there who r like me will always stand by 2PM!
We will always keep the faith!

I'll edit this post later on, adding my "creative fanchant".
( *i dunno wat to call it.*)

I Miz Blogging!

Atashiwa okairi! I'm home!

Well,it's been a long time since i updating my blog!
It feels like ages!
It took more than 1 hour to update it (considering me playing games,chat at csspf,blabla..)

Yeah! This is the outcome! Nothing much but i'm excited to blog again!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

*pic credit to octopuzy jang from fb*