Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tired Edi..

Assignments~Classes + Tutorials....

Cartoon - Lil' Emo 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

I've only had fun last friday...watching HP at Times Square
My rumate n I ate Jap food till our stomaches were bout to explode...
Hahahaaa we were really like kids, perhaps 'ala' deliquents...
Due to 1 incident in monorail....
I can't blame any1 but i was so embarrased dat i can't bear to look at other passengers' faces...
It was so embarrassing but we could still laughed at da time time~huh,disgracing higher learner students community~[haha..blablabla]
Well,i really wanna go out this weeknd coz perharps it would be my last chance to have fun [n wasting money] b4 i'm getting busy with tough subjects i take this sem...Seriously.....

Cartoon - Lil' Emo Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Kanak2 Ribena


Arakian,Dua sahabat baik a.k.a "rumates" pergi lunch~~~

Hari itu merupakan hari rezeki buat H agaknyer~~~

Isteri taukey cafe tu bg diskaun kt H wlaupon bpe sen~rezeki namenyer

Dalam perjalanan balik...H dan F sedang rancak berbual...

Tiba2,H ternampak 1 gadis bagi "free gift" kt sbuah keta yg benti...

H dgn pantasnya inform F ~"eh,ade org bg bende free lar..cepat2"

Maka EXCITED la 2 org kanak2 itu... =P

Bila dah dekat, rupa2nya ROLLER COASTER ade new product~so this is a promotion lar... Riang sungguh mereka dapat 2 bgkus 'jajan' stiap sorg...

Dlm kgembiraan yg tahap hampir maksimum~"eh ramai la yg bagi free sample!"

Mule2 malu la nk mntak lg~tnampak sebuah keta ni dpt lebey 'jajan' dpd mereka~maka kutukan pon berlaku la~"weyh,npe dorg dpt lebey? hape tah.."

Sebelum sampai ke bilik,dua kanak2 ini kene lintas jln... ternampak la ramai lagi yg pakai bju htam bg free sample kt seberang jalan...

Maka mereka dgn tamaknyer,sembunyi la 'jajan' yg mereka da dpt ni dlm beg...
"Cepat2 sembunyi dlm beg, nanti die bagi lagi..cepat2..."gelojoh sungguh mereka berdua ketika itu...

Mungkin kalau dilihat dpd jauh~riang sungguh mereka ni ala2 budak tadika~~~

Seusai melintas jalan~sprti yg dijangka, abg tu bg free sample kt mereka berdua~

Baru je jajan tu dihulur,mereka dgn lajunyer amek smbil ucap tenkiuuu...

Hahahaaa x malu sungguh... Muke masing2 epi gile~

Tapi bukan setakat di situ jer~mereka ditanya oleh sorg abg ni"Boleh saya amek gambar x?nak wat report..."

Mereka pon dgn muke hepi n tdung x terurus sambil memegang payung diambil gambar oleh abg itu...Hepi sungguh kanak2 itu sambil mberi pose ngan Roller Coster mereka baru dapat tu...[padahal dlm beg masing2 da ader dah]

Seperti yg dikatakan awal2 td~hari tu merupakan hari rezeki buat H~~~

Seusai mengambil gambar...Abg itu bagi segenggam ROLLER COASTER lagi kepada H... wuaaahhh

Bagai org mengantuk disorongkan bantal, laju je tgn mereka menadah jajan tu~

Kalau diamati betul2,kasihan mereka ini...isk3 mcm knk2 x ckup mkn,padahal tamak namenyer... Sepanjang prjalanan ke bilik, mereka gelak ketawa dgn bahagianya seperti org yg betul2 bahagia disebabkan dapat 'jajan' yg bnyk...

Begitulah ceritanyer dua kanak2 ribena yg tamak tapi bahagia...

p/s :-H n F bukan nama sebenar

Thursday, July 16, 2009











Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Students have to rush in order to sign early to get tutorial that we wish...

We don't want to get tutorials dat have been assigned in late evening...

Due to sleepiness n laziness...we really want to avoid dat situation...

Sounds pathetic (or sad) to me..but dat's a reality in our life as students~~~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st day- reg classes again n again!!!



Sunday, July 12, 2009


Goodbye 3 months life at home~

Gonna miz my pets mostly~gonna miz their naughtiness,dorkiness...

"Si Buncit"

E/tho doing chores make me tired...but i still have plenty of time to relax~

Pity my mum coz she's gonna be alone again doing house chores...

My dad gonna lose his company to talk to...

N again,pity my pets coz they gonna lose me~their owner who loves them so much! Nobody else will pay more n a lot of attention to them~except me!

Love u... Love my home.....

Home Sweet Home!

TVXQ statements in Fujin Kouron Magazine

“The joy is multiplied 5 times while the sorrow is divided to 1/5″"The members’ images that I see… Junsu as the mood maker, Changmin as the determined youngest, they play important role, it’s settled. Yoochun the romantic while Jaejoong is the realist, it creates a balance. I myself just realized this yesterday, therefore this question really is in good timing (laughs). In the past, as the leader, I had to appear first and pulled everyone out. But now as everyone has grown, the necessity to do that has gone. Sometimes you may notice it’s Changmin who takes that job of mine (laughs). Now, I’m not a leader, I’m just a part that complete the missing one as a teamwork. We as 5 people works together is a fate. We see all of us equally. When we’re in joy, the joy is multiplied by 5, while when we’re in sorrow, the sorrow is divided to 1/5, it’s a pleasant thing. TOHOSHINKI is my house which becomes my home. Even when I’m going to the distance, once upon a time, it will always be an important return place of me. - Yunho"

Friday, July 10, 2009

U're killing me TAEC!

Mnet Scandal - 2PM TaecYeon

This is really killing me! Finally i spent my time watching them~kyaaa~

Andoe!!! They really act like a real couple~

My heart is broken to pieces... XD

Movie Of The Month

Ice Age 3
It's definitely much better n funnier than Transformers 2!
It's a good thing,that the production hasn't lose their touches on the humours~

Love Sid! Love his dorkiness but deep inside,he is an animal =D
with a kind pure heart!
Like da new character, Buck- at 1st i tot he was an annoying character but i turn out to be wrong~ LOve him!
HBO n Star Movies- i'm bored watching non-qualities movies they preserved...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Malaysians Mirotic Boys

Ekceli i wanna talk bout wat i did today..but i'm sooo sleepy...

So enjoy this vid! I was awed not coz of their dancing(coz they r not reli gud =P) but i was impressed when i saw they wore similar clothes wif my DBSK boys~~~ Gud job guys!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I woke up late today...

This week i alwys wake up early~just to prepare myself ~prepare mentally n physically dat i shall be a student again next week (AGAIN & AGAIN) =P

2 straight days- i cook~Hahaaa U're not dreaming coz i really cooked!
B4 i cooked,did my chores as usual~ washing clothes,feeding my hungry pets....

But today..i dozed off... pity my pets...myb i was too tired~~~hope i can wake up early tommorow so i can do more stuffs than today...

Finished cooking at 1pm, took shower n ate at 2pm~ 2pm? theheee~~~

3pm-started to online~while waiting for the lap top to on~i on tv-Channel V played Rain kept my eyes on the tv..Then Tohoshinki appeared wif Bolero!kyaaa~~~~ n watched dat show until it finished!

Now...still downloading DBSK n 2PM videos...but still have lot to dwnload!
N i encounter this video where i 1st time c da different side of my Taecyeon!

Hope i can finished download everything i want b4 i go back to uni... Aja2! ^_^

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meeting dearest SIGS frens-received PERFUME from Fiza darl~

2th July 2009
Huda Nadiah arrived 1st- [i'm sowi dear u have to wait 4 us]
Me 2nd- [n it's edi late...*sigh*]
Then Nunu jumped in front of us when we were standing looking at a movie poster (huhuu).Later on Farid arrived like a ghost from behind~~~ ^_^
We sat in MCD waiting for the arrival of Miz Universe-Sonia. ^^^
Last person arrived (we should asked her to buy MCD for us!)
was Fiza-Miz Korea ^-^

After a hot debate n negotiation, (hahaaa like yea) we decided to watch Transformers 2 e/though Farid edi watched it twice, once for Hudz n Fiza...
Lalalaaa~ate at CS Food Court b4 watching da movie...

The show was on 2pm,i went to Watson's with Hudz.The rest went to buy pop corn. Later on,i found out dat an annoying cashier (guy) mocking Sonia (i think) asking her rudely... [x boleh ckp bm?] WTH... seriously,i notice dat most of Malaysians who worked at counters or as cashiers~~~always10x rude to customers. What's is wrong with them?How could they have this kind of mentaliti or attitude? Don't u think ur attitude gonna disgrace Malaysia??? Don't u know da meaning of customers always right??? urgh...
Ok,then we watched da movie.Dat freaking movie dat every1 can't wait to watch, unlike my father-saying dat movie is childish v(^-^)v
When i watched it-1 thing kept playing in my head-(i wanna pee) LOL
Hahaaaa... afta finished watching da 2 n 1/2 hour movie-my bladder can not tahan anymore~~~ Hudz became my victim-dragged her(not literally) to lvl 1-coz da toilet there is much nicer....

Later on,we met again... XD
Final destination-Vivo,my stomach bunyi *keroncong*

Heheee, the best part was when Fiza gave a present to each of us
[erm,sonia didn't get it :(]

Wowww,love u Fiza! hahaaa x sia2 i ym u everytime i c u...heheee i think i asked for it from u...Hahaaa i was half kidding-half serious~~Lalalaaaa

Can't wait to c u guys again... I wish we could hang out more... Every month...but yeah,it's just my silly wish.

LOVE u guys! Mmmuaah2~~~~~~~~~~

Magic wif Microsoft Words

Microsoft Crazy Facts

Cobalah hal yang menarik ini, sungguh aneh! Cubalah!

1)Buka program Microsoft Word dan ketik: =rand (200, 99)
2) kemudian anda ENTER

Apa yang terhasil?

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Ayat di atas ialah penuh dengan huruf A - Z yang disusun dengan menarik dan biasa digunakan sejak zaman teleks lagi untuk mencuba penghantaran mesej.

~eheh da lme wat tp ni bru nk post~try la.jd btul~

Please Don't Cry...

Kata Ibnu Qayyim - 10 Jenis Tangis

1) Menangis kerana kasih sayang & kelembutan hati.
2) Menangis kerana rasa takut.
3) Menangis kerana cinta.
4) Menangis kerana gembira.
5) Menangis kerana menghadapi penderitaan.
6) Menangis kerana terlalu sedih.
7) Menangis kerana terasa hina dan lemah.
8) Menangis untuk mendapat belas kasihan orang.
9) Menangis kerana mengikut-ikut orang menangis.
10) Menangis orang munafik - pura-pura menangis.

"..dan bahawasanya DIA lah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan menangis." (An Najm : 43)

Air mata yang tiada di tuntut
1. Janganlah menangis kalau tak tercapai cita-cita bukan kah Tuhan yang telah menentukannya.
2 . Janganlah menangis nonton filem hindustan itu kan cuma lakonan. Janganlah menangis kerana cinta tak berbalas mungkin dia bukanlah jodoh yang telah Tuhan tetapkan.
3. Janganlah menangis jika gagal dalam peperiksaan mungkin kita kurang membuat persediaan.
3. Jangan menangis kalau wang kita hilang di jalanan sebab mungkin kita kurang ! bersedekah buat amalan.
4. Janganlah menangis kalau tidak di naikkan pangkat yakin lah, rezki itu adalah pemberian Tuhan.

Dari itu??..

Simpanlah air mata-air mata tangisan itu semua buat bekalan untuk menginsafi di atas segala kecuaian yang telah melanda diri, segala dosa-dosa yang berupa bintik2 hitam yang telah mengkelamkan hati hingga sukar untuk menerima hidayah dari Allah swt. Seru lah air mata itu dari persembunyiannya di balik kelopak mata agar ia menitis membasahi dan mencuci hati agar ia putih kembali dan juga semoga ia dapat melebur dosa2 dan moga-moga akan mendapat ampunanNya jua.

Air mata tanda rahmat Tuhan Rasulullah saw bersabda : Jagalah mayat ketika kematiannya & perhatikanlah 3 perkara.

1) Apabila dahi nya berpeluh.
2) Airmatanya berlinang.
3) Hidungnya keluar cecair seperti hingus.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

JAEBOM- What can i do if my members watch porns? ROFL..

source: newsen
Credit: Kor-Eng by

2PM’s leader Jaebeom has made a surprising confession that he was secretly worried about members

Jaebeom, Taecyeon and Wooyoung recently has recorded KBS Star Golden Bell. At the beginning, Taeyeon has revealed Wooyoung’s sleeping habit that he was on the computer alone at night, Wooyoung grinded his teeth so badly.

Taecyeon was surprised by Wooyoung’s habit but upon hearing he was on the the computer, MC Kim Jae made a cross-examine “what were you doing at night that you got surprised?”

Taecyeon confoundedly replied that he was monitoring the shows (which they had been on). All of the sudden, Jaebeom threw an unexpected question “What should I do if I see members watching adult movies?” which caused Taecyeon panic.

Stars who took part in this recording are Moo Hee Jun, 2pm (Jaebeom, Taecyeon, Wooyoung), Chae Young In, Oh Jae Mee, Davichi (Kang Min Kyung), Han Kyung Il, 8eight (Lee Hyun), Yang Weon Kyung, Sa Min, Ann Seo, Paek Seung Weon, Kim Tae Weon, Jo Bin, Jung Joo Ri, Kim Tae Hyun. This will be broadcast on July 4, 2009 at 5:15 pm.

aigoo,in malaysia we have to wait another 3 weeks~~~

DBSK in Music Station for 2nd time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 300th day to 2PM!

On the 30th, fans celebrated 2PM's 300th day after debut by printing out an advertisement in the newspaper.

The 2PM fans titled their ad on this daily newspaper,

"Congratulations on 2PM's 300th day!"

*My one and only superstar, Jaebeom oppa! I will always cheer for you
*Junsu oppa~ I will always pray for you,
*Khun Khun Khun! No words needed, sexy Khunee, you're my angel^^
*Sexy Taecyeon oppa! I will always be on oppa's side ^.^
*The coolest in the world Jang Wooyoung~ Always fighting!!
*The one who gets into my heart lump of charm, Lee Junho best ^0^
*Walking statue Chansung oppa yah~ Always stay strong!!

We'll always be together,
No matter what, we'll always cheer you on

TVXQ is Number 10 for the first half of 2009

Oricon recently released their mid year album sales ranking for 2009 and TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki did better than most expected. “The Secret Code” came in at number 10 with a sales figure of 248,000 for the first half of 2009. This placed them above popular artists such as KAT-TUN who had 237,000 sales for "Break the Records -by you & for you-" and Utada who had 228,000 sales for "This is The One." BoA who released a combo "Best Album and American Debut album" was ranked 25th with a sales figure of 131,000.

Here are the Top 10 sales figures:
1. Mr Children - "Supermarket Fantasy" (1.2 million)
2. Exile - "Exile Ballad Best" (807k)
3. Dreams Come True - "Do Your Dreams come true?" (632k)
4. Remioromen - "Remio Best" (471k)
5. Ikimono-Gakari - "My Song Your Song" (404k)
6. Koda Kumi - "Trick" (385k)
7. Ayumi - "Next Level" (363k)
8. RADWIMPS - "Arutokorni no Teiri" (314k)
9. Unicorn - "Shamble" (250k)
10. TVXQ / Tohoshinki - "The Secret Code" (248k)

THSK - 090630 St@nd ByU Off-Shot

I REALLY2 MIZ THEM. Watching this reminds me dat i almost forgot their humour n down-to-earth personalities... Dun care wateva da anti-fans said.
DBSK will alwys stay no. 1 in my heart!