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Compare Dao Ming Si/Jun Pyo - Lee Min Ho Evil; Jerry Yan Righteous?

Ken Zhu Xiao Tian stood up for F4 brother Jerry Yan, yesterday seeing the GTV Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers" poster, Ken pointed at Lee Min Ho saying: "I think Jerry is more handsomer than him, he seems to carry a bit of evilness, Jerry seems to be more righteous."

Lee Min Ho will be arriving in Taiwan to promote the Korean version “Boys Over Flowers”, because of “BOF’s” popularity has lately watched the Korean version, had a lot of feelings. He said: “The Korean government really supports the film and television industry, their first episode’s scene is entry on a helicopter, compared to us; borrowing 2 sports cars, telling us to be extra careful, the 4 of us poor guys has never driven good cars, during filming with fear, to cause damage.”

As for the Korean/Japanese version dramas all used extra props, clothing, accessories to keep up the appearance, at the time of Taiwan’s F4 they were wearing original WuFenPu Fashion Area clothes. Ken said, Taiwan’s most successful part was they were able to film such a popular product with limited budget. Up until now, all of those prop clothing are still kept safe, allowing them to remind him anytime.

This time the modern F4, Fahrenheit is on the same stage, Ken said, this is like the F4 in earlier days 少不更事 young and inexperienced, now a days the idol groups are even better qualified, the modern F4 are stylish, Fahrenheit has a variety effect.

But he says straightforwardly, Fahrenheit’s period now is like F4 then when they’ve been overly worked, looking at Jiro Wang Calvin Chen tired, obvious dark circles.

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @

Monday, May 25, 2009

F2 – Vaness and Ken – to act in 'Tao Hua Girl'/ Blossom Girl

Both Vic and Jerry of F4 are currently filming new idol dramas but the same would goes for the other 2 F4’s member – Vaness and Ken – also. Both Wu and Chu are invited to be the cast of Comic’s new drama – Tao Hua Girl (Tao Hua Xiao Mei). With regards to the rumours about him and Kelly Lin are getting married, Ken mentioned that he is still a single bachelor and shotgun marriage is a NO for him.{wow,he's getting married? wow,i missed about his news a lot!}

“Momo Love” or “Tao Hua Ai Wu Di” which was previously a joint-collaboration by GTV and Comic Ritz has stopped its filming since last June. Rumour has it that because of the main casts – Gui Gui and Aaron Yan – were unable to work well together, the drama ended its filming which led to a lost of $200 0000. Comic Ritz has thus decided to film another new drama after one year whereby the drama will be a rendition of a Japanese famous manga, Tao Hua Girl. Jiro and Cyndi are casted to be the main protagonist with F2 being the supporting actors.

Been venturing into the China’s entertainment market lately, Ken will act as Cyndi’s older brother in this idol drama whereby it is a challenging role because he doesn’t allow his sister from falling in love with Jiro. Ken was also surprised that his debut drama “Meteor Garden” received much love from the audience till today, “All I could say that it was a miracle for the drama to become a big hit because the production fees was minimal compared to the current Korea’s dramas”.

Chu also expressed that his self – directing documentary which features the scenery of Taiwan would be released in July. Rumours has it that he has married Kelly Lin but Chu denied the claim by saying that he is currently single with no plans of having a shotgun marriage in the future. Jiro on the other hand has had a cameo appearance in “K.O. 3an Guo” to get himself better ready for his role in Tao Hua Girl.

Lee Da Hae- I loike! That's MY GIRL!

“International star” Rain and actress Lee Da Hae are scheduled to appear together at Rain’s fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2009 collection of his clothing line Six-to-Five. The Six-to-Five fashion show will take place on June 6th in Hong Kong.

It’s no surprise that Da Hae agreed to participate in Rain’s fashion show since she belongs to Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, plus Da Hae has modeled Rain’s Six-to-Five clothing in the past.

I suspect Rain’s Six-to-Five fashion show will be much like his past shows given that his Hong Kong fashion show is actually being labeled as a “fashion concert.” If you haven’t witnessed the hilarity that is a “Rain Fashion Concert” then you’re missing out. Imagine Rain getting all up in the model’s stoic faces singing “I’m gonna be a bad boy” and “I’m gonna be crazy” as the models parade down the catwalk.

Rain’s clothing line has been doing very well since its inception in December of 2008. Lots of different Korean celebrities have been seen wearing Rain’s Six-to-Five clothes on various variety shows and paparazzi type photos. Rain recently opened new Six-to-Five stores in Incheon and Daejeon and he plans on opening another branch in Bucheon soon. Rain also plans on opening Six-to-Five branches overseas but nothing has been confirmed on whether those plans include the U.S.

In related Lee Da Hae news, old pictures of Da Hae from a beauty pageant she did in 2001 surfaced causing speculation on whether or not she had surgery done on her face.

source :

watever it is, I still love Lee Da hae coz she's a pretty good actress!
well, maybe her face does change when time changes~ but if it's bcoz of surgery, who cares! I don't!

Tohoshinki On Popular Japanese Programme "Tokyo Park Friend2"

TOHOSHINKI, whose 4th album was awarded Platinum on the 12th, have confirmed their appearance in Japan's longest running programme "Tokyo Friend Park2".

"Tokyo Friend Park2", which has gained alot of popularity in its 15 years, is a game show broadcasted by TBS every Monday, 7pm. It's an energetic programme where you have to use your body to get through various challenges. Many popular artistes like Arashi, NEWS and more have participated in this programme, and Tohoshinki's appearance in the programme has garnered a lot of interest from Korea and Japan.

A group of Tohoshinki fans expressed,: "Tohoshinki is still doing their tour right now, and Xiah Junsu's leg has not fully recovered, so we are a little worried about their participation in the show."

Source: Baidu
Translation credits:

well, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCH THEM ON TV SHOW. coz i've been missing them a lot!
DBSK hwaiting!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My FAV phrase~Lalalaaa Chingu ya~~~

Yunho Oppa~Mianhae...

Last nite, I had a wonderful dream~~~
But now i'm feeling guilty to Yunho oppa...
U wanna know y???
I dreamt of Lee Seung Gi.....

The part which makes me HAPPY is that i was his lover in my dream...
Well,FYI b4 i went to sleep last nite, I watched his MV- Because u're my woman on my handphone~~~*

U should watch this MV b4 reading my CONFESSION below...

Hahahaaa...wat's really funny is~ in my dream,
I was older than him(i'm a nuna)...
Hohooo very funny~ that's such a nonsense!
wat's more nonsense is i've met his mother at his home
n we both were counting my age!
well, i dun wanna reveal wat my age was in that dream! (>__<)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Having Fun~Not Enuf!

19/5/09~ Hanging out With My Bestie!

Miz old days! Those happy moments~~~*

Gonna hanging out again this Sunday with my 2 BFF!
Chua2! Saranghaeyo~~~*

Among The Richest Korean Celebrities!

Besides the usual performance and endorsement deals, many artistes are also likely to invest. According to Korea media reports, actor Bae Yong Joon is currently the richest South Korean celebrity.

With the rebound of the Korean stock market this year, celebrities who dabbled in the stock market benefitted significantly in terms of wealth. According to Korean media reports, there are currently five South Korean celebrities with stocks worth over 1 billion won (about S$1.16million); among them is Bae, who owns the largest portion, 34.8%, of the shares in Korean listed company KeyEast.

As compared to the first trading day of this year, KeyEast's share price has soared by over 50 percent with Bae earning about 6 billion won (about S$7 million) from it, making him into the richest South Korean celebrity at present.

Second in line is the entertainment company which manages the famous South Korean boy band Tohoshinki. Third is Asian superstar Rain, who owns 13.36% of the shares of J.Tune Entertainment, which shares have hit a market price of 3.6 billion won (S$4.3million).

Please take out with full credits.
Credits : yahoo +

I'm currently addicted with 1night 2days! ~Seung Gi kawaii!!!

2 days 1 night tv show Pictures, Images and Photos

I dun remember when i knew bout this TV show coz i watched it on Astro KBSW last year~~~ VERY10x FUNNY! I swear that u can't stop laughing when watching this TV show!
seriously fun~
6 comrades surviving their life in order to get food,sleep n other fundamental needs using tricks n stuffs~~~
1)Kang Hodong is the MC of this show(u can find him in Star King-that's his show)
2)Kim C(they call him,the mother)~from an indie band
3)Eun Ji Won-a fammous rapper
4)MC Mong~the monkey- a rapper too
5)Su Geun-A comedian
6)Lee Seung Gi-the youngest(they call him empty-headed/Huh-Dang Lee Sung Gi Teacher) ~~~he's so cute!~~~~
(+)the dog-aigoo,i 4got his name~Sang Geun?

Eun Jiwon - Adiós

The show always use this song in their programme~ Nice Song!It's really different!
LOVE the chorus~Y,Baby Y~~~*

the singer of this MV is one of the 6 comrades + the guy in the MV~wearing stripes shirt n "key" is his best fren(he made the lyrics).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jerry Yan Records Japanese Song Infront of the Japanese Media

Wuaaah! I miss the first F4! LoL~ reminds me a lot of my skewl days+happiest moments!

Here's the news~

Taiwan Super Idol Jerry Yan records his new Japanese Song at Tokyo on 18 Jun 2009. He sings in Japanese fluently, but his pronunciation of 'TA' to be adjusted 100 times. The most difficult is the pronunciatiion of 'TSUTAEZU' (means 'undeliverable'). Jerry wishes he can practice Japanese and learn the recording technique from this chance of song recording.< but he is so cute when he can't speak fluently~kawaii!>

Jerry feels happy although there are difficulties in recording. The lyrics are talking about a non romantic man who doesn't know how to love. Jerry says that he is not a romantic man too.

This song is recorded in the album 'FREEDOM' which is scheduled to release on 22 July 2009.

According to okarei and Yan Xiao Yu's translation, Jerry will release his 2nd solo album's Japanese version, Freedom, in Japan on July 22. There are 2 versions:

Preorder/First print/limited version: 3800 yen
Not just that this Japanese version will have a different cover from the TW version, it includes a Japanese song, its DVD/mv, and an application slip for the future album promotional activity in Japan.

Regular version: 3150 yen
It includes a cd with regular cover, Japanese song, and an application slip for the promotional activity in Japan.

Swine Flu Attack in Kansai and The Secret Code Concert

May 23th – May 24th – Tohoshinki is scheduled to have performances in Sapporo.

길혜성 News | 2009/05/21 10:11

The spreading of influenza in region of Kasai, Japan makes a lot of new artists to cancel all performances, however the current national tour held by Tohoshinki is not yet affected.

Tohoshinki is now running their 4th Japan tour The Secret Code, which was begun in Kobe (May 4th -5th), Saitama (May 9th – 10th), Sendai (May 16th – 17th), etc.

On May 21st Tohoshinki’s spokesperson Song Hwang Ri said, “On May 23rd – 24th, Tohoshinki will have concert in Sapporo and Sapporo is not in Kansai region.”

Thus, up until now, Tohoshinki’s 4th live tour in Japan will be able to run safely. But the problem will raise in the mid-June, where Tohoshinki’s concert finally is scheduled to be performed in several cities in Kansai region: Osaka (June 10th – 11th, June 13th – 14th) and Nagoya (June 18th, 20th, and 21st).

For Kansai region in Japan is currently stated as new influenza pandemic, Tohoshinki’s concert can’t guarantee to be held as scheduled in those areas. There’s one popular singer’s performances which was originally scheduled to be held in that area as well, however due to the spread of influenze cases in Kansai, has been recently canceled.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome The Secret Code concert will be held on July 4th – 5th as the last show of the tour.

source: 길혜성 News
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boys Before Flowers: F4 Special Edition (Parts 3 & 4)

As announced, Mnet has (finally!) released the last two parts of the four-part F4 “After Story” music drama, featuring Ji-hoo’s (Kim Hyun-joong) and Jun-pyo’s (Lee Min-ho) segments.

Like the first two, the last two also featured mostly old footage cobbled together into a new video.

Just as Episodes 1 and 2 featured songs sung by the actors (Kim Bum’s “I’m Going to Meet You Now” (지금 만나러 갑니다) and Kim Joon’s “To Make Empty” (비워내기)), these segments feature songs sung by Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Min-ho.

Ji-hoo’s theme is “Sometime” by SS501, while Jun-pyo’s is “My Everything.”

wuaah,wat a handsome Gu Jun Pyo!

Son Dambi gets back with Marco

Marcos Benjamin Lee (Marco), a Korean model turned actor who grew up in Argentina is getting back with Son Dambi. Son Dambi is set to star in her first drama titled "Dream," and Marco has been casted for a major role in the drama.

The make believe couple were in the spotlight on the once popular show "We Got Married." They seemed to have good chemistry together for the most part, Son Dambi seemed to be quite abusive of Marco at times.

The role in Dream called for someone with fighting skills and Marco supposedly is an expert in martial arts, so he is a perfect match for the role. Dream's main cast will consist of Son Dambi, Kim Bum, Joo Jin Mo, and now Marco, which is an all star lineup. Dream is scheduled to start filming next month and will air in the late fall of 2009.

K Will is Lee Min Ho’s vocal trainer

It has been known that singer K Will, who has been doing well with his new minialbum ‘Tears are falling’, is the vocal trainer to actor Lee Min Ho.

After drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Lee Min Ho has been busy with activities like CF filming, fansigning, photoshoots etc. And for the special edition album of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he also has a solo song ‘My Everything’. For the song, he did a lot of preparation and underwent vocal training for that.

It has been known that Lee Min Ho and K Will are close friends and K Will has personally gave Lee Min Ho vocal training for the show despite his busy schedule.

Lee Min Ho said, “I am excited to show another side of me through the song ‘My Everything’ after undergoing training with one of the best vocalist around.”

Looking better and better these days, Hyun Bin is the face of Laneige Homme (라네즈 옴므). His last appearance on behalf of Amorepacific's cosmetics brand Laneige was at the last pink marathon with Yoon Eun-hye.

Binnie's new CF is for Laneige's sun block lotion. The commercial was filmed on the roof-top of a building in Gangnam, Seoul. The purpose is to show off Seoul's cosmopolitan skyline.

Hyun Bin, who's in the middle of shooting his drama Friend, Our Legend is sporting very short hair and is looking very lean indeed. This look is very suitable for portraying a sophisticated male style.

~check out the videos for yourself.

God,he's a hot stuff! i didn't recognised him at 1st coz of his new hair cut~~~
Chuahae Hyun Bin!
Love him since millionaire's 1st love!

Monday, May 18, 2009

‘Boys Over Flowers’ star to debut film at PiFan

Koo Hye-sun’s debut film has been chosen to screen at this year’s 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

She is among 35 Korean filmmakers chosen to screen short films at the festival in Bucheon, Gyeonggi.

The actress, who recently starred as Geum Jan-di in KBS-2 TV’s drama “Boys Over Flowers,” does not appear in the film. Instead she was busy behind the scenes, writing, directing, editing and even playing the piano for the film’s soundtrack.

The 14-minute film, “The Cheerful Helper,” follows a week in the life of a young man who goes to church in hopes of salvation.

PiFan will be held from July 16 to 26.

wuaaa, i hope i can watch it~~~

The Fox in Talks for Live-Action Japanese Paradise Kiss Film

The Fox International production company is negotiating to adapt Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss fashion and romance manga into a Japanese-language, live-action film. The story centers around a high school student named Yukari who is discovered by "Paradise Kiss," a group of up-and-coming fashion school students. The students transform Yukari into a fashion model, and she discovers a new passion for a future career and potential romance in her personal life.

Fox International is working with Japan's IMJ production company to produce the film with a budget of US$3 million to US$4 million. The publisher Shodensha sold 6 million copies of the original manga.

Tokyopop began publishing the original manga in North America in 2001. An television anime version aired in Japan in 2005. Geneon Entertainment (USA) licensed the anime for North America, although Funimation is releasing the anime in DVD box sets now. Yazawa also created NANA, which was adapted into two hit live-action films and an television anime series.

it's a diff kind of anime~but only suitale for those above 18 years~ (>_<)

Daniel Henney’s U.S. drama picked up for fall

Get ready to see Daniel Henney on U.S. television — his pilot, CBS drama series Three Rivers, has been given the green light for the fall season.

(The network will make the official announcement on Wednesday, but the news has already been leaked and the show has been given the go-ahead to begin staffing writers.)

The series is a medical drama that centers around doctors who specialize in organ transplants, as well as organ donors and recipients. It stars Julia Ormond (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight) as doctors; Daniel Henney also plays a transplant specialist.

The drama doesn’t appeal to me in the least — it seems much more like Three Pounds (remember that? no?) than ER — but will I be watching? Yup.

And as much as I rag on Daniel Henney’s subpar acting ability, I’m really, really hoping he steps it up and shows he’s improved from his days of stiff delivery and wooden expressions and “I was hit by a bullet once” (a la Seducing Mr. Perfect — shudder).

Navi wins viewers’ hearts with the R&B version of ‘Again&Again’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’

Singer Navi (Ahn Ji Ho) sang the R&B version of 2PM’s and Super Junior’s hit songs ‘Again&Again’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ when she was on KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 16th May.

She performed the song during the ‘Survival Super Rookie’ corner of the show. And the video clips to her performances have become the topic amongst netizens. She had performed the song while playing directly on the keyboard herself.

Viewers said, “It’s good to see that we have another good singer with great potential here”, “I’m so surprised that she can sing so well” etc.



Sori took on A'st1 and Navi for this week's KBS2TV Star Golden Bell Survival Super Rookie corner, and came out the winner for the 2nd week in a row. Just like IU with her vocals, Navi is another rookie from the class of 2008 who has a pretty good vocal range like the former. She did a RnB cover of 2PM's Again & Again and Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry which was pretty awesome. It's kind of sorry that she isn't making it big with her own songs, and has to sing other songs, just to get that little bit of screen time. But sadly, she was still overshadowed by Sori who did a performance of Ivy's Sonata of Temptation and a little dance break at the end. The flip at the end was wow!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nama Penuh :
Mohd Hafiz Bin Mohd Suip

Nama Manja :

19 Tahun

Tarikh Lahir :
27 Februari 1990




Kuching, Sarawak




Pengalaman Bidang Hiburan
Menyertai pertandingan nyanyian di Kuching, Sarawak.

Penyanyi Idola
Faizal Tahir

Berjaya dalam pelbagai bidang satu hari kelak.

Sulung daripada tiga beradik

Deskripsi: Anak muda dari Sarawak ini mula menyanyi sejak umur 10 tahun. Mendapat dan mengasah bakat melalui pelbagai pertandingan nyanyian di sekitar Kuching. Bukan sekadar menyanyi, dia juga mampu memasak dengan baik

Ceritakan pengalaman kali pertama anda menyanyi?
Semasa umur saya 10 tahun, itulah kali pertama saya menyanyi di kahlayak ramai ketika menyambut hari jadi nenek saya di majlis besar-besaran.

Adakah anda pernah mengikuti kelas formal nyanyian?
Tidak pernah

Apakah bakat lain yang anda miliki?
Memasak di dapur.

Apakah matlamat hidup anda?
Berjaya dalam hidup

Siapakah Bintang Akademi Fantasia pilihan anda?
Kaer, Vince, Bob dan Aizat.

Perkara paling menyedihkan yang pernah anda alami dalam hidup anda?

Apakah saat yang paling mengembirakan dalam hidup anda?
Mendapat tawaran memasuki Akademi Fantasia

Apakah halangan terbesar yang pernah anda alami?

Apakah pengalaman paling manis/pahit?
Kenangan manis saya ialah ketika keinginan saya untuk mendapat lesen memandu tercapai oleh ayah saya.

Senaraikan tiga peristiwa penting yang telah berlaku dalam Malaysia pada tahun 2007-2008
Kenaikan harga minyak
Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-50
Peristiwa tanah runtuh di Bukit Antarabangsa.

Apakah yang anda lakukan sekiranya tidak terpilih ke Akademi Fantasia 7?
Menyambung pelajaran saya

Jika anda boleh membuat perubahan kepada dunia, apakah perubahan yang akan anda lakukan?
Saya ingin memberhentikan peperangan di dunia dan membawa keamanan.

Sekiranya suara anda diambil kira, apakah perubahan yang ingin anda lakukan ke atas Malaysia dan kenapa?
Saya ingin meletakkan industri muzik Malaysia ke persada dunia.

Jika anda berpeluang melancong di bulan, siapa/apa yang ingin anda bawa bersama?(1 sahaja) kenapa?
Saya akan membawa bendera Malaysia dan ingin memasak masakan Malaysia di bulan.

Sekiranya anda mempunyai binatang peliharaan, apakah ia dan namanya?
Saya ingin memelihara hamster dan di beri nama Coco. Ini kerana saya ingin melihat
Hamster tersebut memahami kehendak tuannya seperti dalam filem Home Alone 3.

Jika anda menjadi haiwan, apakah haiwan yang ingin anda jadi dan kenapa?
Helang, kerana helang mempunyai penglihatan yang tajam, mempu terbang dengan tinggi dan bebas dan kuat.

Sebutkan 3 aset yang ada pada diri anda?
Suka mencuba sesuatu yang baru
Tidak mudah putus asa.




Saturday, May 16, 2009

Super Junior 'SORRY SORRY' wins KBS Musc Bank Award for 4 Consecutive Weeks

Super Junior have done it again as they claimed the K-Chart on KBS2TV Music Bank for the 4th week running with Sorry, Sorry. The win today was their 5th K-Chart win, taking into account their 2 monthly and 3 weekly wins. The contenders for the 15th May episode of Music Bank was like a round 2, with the same 3 contenders from last week as SG Wannabe's I Love You, 2PM's Again & Again and Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry faced each other again. Although SG Wannabe were present this time, they were equally powerless like 2PM as Super Junior walked away with another win.

Lee Teuk was in tears as he thanked their boss, Lee Soo Man since it was Teacher's Day in Korea. SM Entertainment has really dominated the K-Charts in the first half of 2009 thanks to Girls' Generation's Gee and Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry.

Top 20 Chart:
1. (--) Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
2. (--) 2PM - Again and Again
3. (--) SG Wannabe - ..I Love You
4. (--) Son Dambi - On a Saturday Night
5. (+3) K-Will - Dropping the Tears
6. (-1) SNSD - Gee
7. (-1) Davichi - My Man
8. (--) Younha - 1,2,3
9. (+14) Lee Seung Chul - Lee Seung Chul - No One Else ( A Sad Story Than Sadness OST)
10. (+7) Park Ji Yoon (박지윤) - 바래진 기억에 (In My Fading Memory)
11. (--) 8eight - 심장이 없어 (Don't Have A Heart)
12. (-2) After School - Diva
13. (-3) Jo Sungmo - 슬픈 영혼식 (For your Soul)
14. (NEW) 2NE1 - Fire
15. (--) Zia (지아) feat Kim Min Ji - 터질 것 같아 (Feels Like its Breaking)
16. (-4) Lim Chang Jung (임창정) - 오랜만이야 (Long Time No See)
17. (-3) Tiffany (from. SNSD) - 나 혼자서 ( Be Myself )
18. (+7) IU - Boo
19. (NEW) Davichi, T-ara & SeeYa - Women's Generation
20. (+2) Kara - Honey

Super Junior will begin their It's You promotions on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.

As the continuation of their 23rd single “Doushite Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?” which was performed in NHK, TVXQ recorded their new single in Japan released on July 1st, the 28th single, “Stand by U”.

Hero Jaejoong explained the title of the new single — “Stand By U”, “Someone left without saying good bye, but then realized how his feeling has been leaving unchanged,” he said firmly. “Nonetheless, instead of trying to be back again, he just continues to stand waiting with a faith that he will meet his true love once again.”

In addition to the single “Stand by U”, is a song that will be used for ending theme of NIHON TV’s Best Information Programme “Miyaneya” — “Tea for Two”. While their old single “Sky” is going to be the third track. TVXQ has finished filming music video for “Stand by U”.

TVXQ also has completed their first 4 stages from total 21 cities tour, mobilizing 250,000 audiences through their TVXQ 4th Live Tour 2009 – The Secret Code.

Source: Union News
Translate by: sharingyoochun
Credits : asianpopnews +

Best things and places to see in Korea- TVXQ in the CF

Young stars sought for "Tantei Tenshi Dragonet", Friday May 15, 2009 Japan

Casting has started for a TV drama called "Tantei Tenshi Dragonet," expected to air this fall.

The show is an action series centered around three teenage girls.

The three girls - named Maya, Mei, and Runa - work at a Chinese food restaurant. However, with their own special skills, they are actually affiliated with an international detective organization.

As a result, they regularly solve cases and take down bad guys.

The show will have multiple directors, including Tomoki Sano of "Ultraman Mebius" and Norio Tsuruta ("Ring 0: Birthday"). The action scenes will also be handled by AAC Stunts, a company led by director Makoto Yokoyama ("Cutie Honey: THE LIVE").

Auditions for the three main roles are open to both professionals and amateurs. The chosen actresses may also get the chance to make their CD debut singing the show's theme song.

wow,nice... it sounds interesting! i love anime much more than else!


WonderGirls, Big Bang and Goo Joon Pyo appear on students’ test papers

This isn’t the first time such things have been reported.

“What does Big Bang DaeSung’s sentence mean in the following?”

(Off year 1 mid years paper of A middle school)“I saw Gu Junpyo with my own eyes yesterday”

(Off year 1 mid years paper of B middle school)

How creative can Korean teachers get?It has become a trend that idol group and talents’ names appear in student’s exam papers.

It has been reported that some male teachers like to use the names of their favourite So Nyeo Shi Dae members or other female entertainers for setting their test papers.

Such has become a hot topic on online forums where students share their exam question with the idols’ names in the.

The responses to seeing idols or talents’ names in the exams was that it give exams a fresh feeling. And in fact, it has already become a trend a few years back.

Netizens repsonses:

* “The teachers have ’sense’.”

* “Don’t know what kind of teacher he/she is, he/she sure has ’sense’.”

* “It sure looks fun to be learning from such teachers.”

* “The teachers have to get in line with the current trends to win over the students.”

* “If I see the name of the entertainer I like in my exam papers, I would laugh out.”



YG’s upcoming 4-member female group 2NE1 will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May with their debut song ‘Fire’.

For this debut stage, the 2NE1 members have put in much time and practice intro preparing it, and is highly anticipated by fans.

It has been known that their debut stage will 6 minutes long, there will be a ‘intro’ video for the performance. And the video was filmed in the SBS Centre on 15th May.

For the filming of the ‘Intro’ video, not only are 3 new sets made for it, an equipment called the body mount cameras, never used before in a broadcast programmes, were used.

YG Entertainment also said, “There is high expectation and anticipation for this group 2NE1. Even though such anticipation can be pressurizing, we have carefully prepared the music, stage and costumes to their performance.”