Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jerry Yan Records Japanese Song Infront of the Japanese Media

Wuaaah! I miss the first F4! LoL~ reminds me a lot of my skewl days+happiest moments!

Here's the news~

Taiwan Super Idol Jerry Yan records his new Japanese Song at Tokyo on 18 Jun 2009. He sings in Japanese fluently, but his pronunciation of 'TA' to be adjusted 100 times. The most difficult is the pronunciatiion of 'TSUTAEZU' (means 'undeliverable'). Jerry wishes he can practice Japanese and learn the recording technique from this chance of song recording.< but he is so cute when he can't speak fluently~kawaii!>

Jerry feels happy although there are difficulties in recording. The lyrics are talking about a non romantic man who doesn't know how to love. Jerry says that he is not a romantic man too.

This song is recorded in the album 'FREEDOM' which is scheduled to release on 22 July 2009.

According to okarei and Yan Xiao Yu's translation, Jerry will release his 2nd solo album's Japanese version, Freedom, in Japan on July 22. There are 2 versions:

Preorder/First print/limited version: 3800 yen
Not just that this Japanese version will have a different cover from the TW version, it includes a Japanese song, its DVD/mv, and an application slip for the future album promotional activity in Japan.

Regular version: 3150 yen
It includes a cd with regular cover, Japanese song, and an application slip for the promotional activity in Japan.