Monday, May 25, 2009

F2 – Vaness and Ken – to act in 'Tao Hua Girl'/ Blossom Girl

Both Vic and Jerry of F4 are currently filming new idol dramas but the same would goes for the other 2 F4’s member – Vaness and Ken – also. Both Wu and Chu are invited to be the cast of Comic’s new drama – Tao Hua Girl (Tao Hua Xiao Mei). With regards to the rumours about him and Kelly Lin are getting married, Ken mentioned that he is still a single bachelor and shotgun marriage is a NO for him.{wow,he's getting married? wow,i missed about his news a lot!}

“Momo Love” or “Tao Hua Ai Wu Di” which was previously a joint-collaboration by GTV and Comic Ritz has stopped its filming since last June. Rumour has it that because of the main casts – Gui Gui and Aaron Yan – were unable to work well together, the drama ended its filming which led to a lost of $200 0000. Comic Ritz has thus decided to film another new drama after one year whereby the drama will be a rendition of a Japanese famous manga, Tao Hua Girl. Jiro and Cyndi are casted to be the main protagonist with F2 being the supporting actors.

Been venturing into the China’s entertainment market lately, Ken will act as Cyndi’s older brother in this idol drama whereby it is a challenging role because he doesn’t allow his sister from falling in love with Jiro. Ken was also surprised that his debut drama “Meteor Garden” received much love from the audience till today, “All I could say that it was a miracle for the drama to become a big hit because the production fees was minimal compared to the current Korea’s dramas”.

Chu also expressed that his self – directing documentary which features the scenery of Taiwan would be released in July. Rumours has it that he has married Kelly Lin but Chu denied the claim by saying that he is currently single with no plans of having a shotgun marriage in the future. Jiro on the other hand has had a cameo appearance in “K.O. 3an Guo” to get himself better ready for his role in Tao Hua Girl.