Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meeting dearest SIGS frens-received PERFUME from Fiza darl~

2th July 2009
Huda Nadiah arrived 1st- [i'm sowi dear u have to wait 4 us]
Me 2nd- [n it's edi late...*sigh*]
Then Nunu jumped in front of us when we were standing looking at a movie poster (huhuu).Later on Farid arrived like a ghost from behind~~~ ^_^
We sat in MCD waiting for the arrival of Miz Universe-Sonia. ^^^
Last person arrived (we should asked her to buy MCD for us!)
was Fiza-Miz Korea ^-^

After a hot debate n negotiation, (hahaaa like yea) we decided to watch Transformers 2 e/though Farid edi watched it twice, once for Hudz n Fiza...
Lalalaaa~ate at CS Food Court b4 watching da movie...

The show was on 2pm,i went to Watson's with Hudz.The rest went to buy pop corn. Later on,i found out dat an annoying cashier (guy) mocking Sonia (i think) asking her rudely... [x boleh ckp bm?] WTH... seriously,i notice dat most of Malaysians who worked at counters or as cashiers~~~always10x rude to customers. What's is wrong with them?How could they have this kind of mentaliti or attitude? Don't u think ur attitude gonna disgrace Malaysia??? Don't u know da meaning of customers always right??? urgh...
Ok,then we watched da movie.Dat freaking movie dat every1 can't wait to watch, unlike my father-saying dat movie is childish v(^-^)v
When i watched it-1 thing kept playing in my head-(i wanna pee) LOL
Hahaaaa... afta finished watching da 2 n 1/2 hour movie-my bladder can not tahan anymore~~~ Hudz became my victim-dragged her(not literally) to lvl 1-coz da toilet there is much nicer....

Later on,we met again... XD
Final destination-Vivo,my stomach bunyi *keroncong*

Heheee, the best part was when Fiza gave a present to each of us
[erm,sonia didn't get it :(]

Wowww,love u Fiza! hahaaa x sia2 i ym u everytime i c u...heheee i think i asked for it from u...Hahaaa i was half kidding-half serious~~Lalalaaaa

Can't wait to c u guys again... I wish we could hang out more... Every month...but yeah,it's just my silly wish.

LOVE u guys! Mmmuaah2~~~~~~~~~~