Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu Got the Champion on HMV in Japan

The Japanese version of Yan Cheng Xu's newest solo album, Extra Freedom, will be released in Japan in July, but its preordered numbers have reached the No. 1 seat on HMV in Japan, beating other Japanese and Korean singers like Fukuyama Masaharu, Arashi, TVXQ, Ken Hirai, etc..., on the chart. He definitely is Taiwan's Glory!

Releasing a new album after 5 years. Yan Cheng Xu has new thoughts and inspiration in both acting and singing. The record company hopes to expose more on the freedom he has in private. On the contrary, his agency wants to maintain his superstar momentum in public, insisting that the cover of the album needs to look classy.

Finally, the record company and agency have reached an agreement that they decide to have double covers, and the expenditure was 1 millions more than planned, but both sides of Jerry, the one who enjoys freedom in Secret Travel and the shining superstar in Star's Light, were truly captured on camera.

Starff are satistified with the outcome of Secret Travel and Star's Light, as they truly display the different Jerry appeared in public eyes and private. Now, the ones who have troubles should be fans, as they need to decide which version to buy.

Yan Cheng Xu's new album will be released in TW on June 18 and the Japanese version will be on July 22. However, its preordered number has reached No. 1 on HMV in Japan, beating Fukuyama Masaharu, Arashi, TVXQ, Ken Hirai, etc..., on the chart. Yan Cheng Xu has definitely become Taiwan's Glory!